Reading and Discussion Guide

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Reading and Discussion Guide
As a member of Proud Pages you will have the opportunity to read a wide range of books; fiction and non-fiction, trashy and academic. While you are free to interpret these books however you like, we have put together some themes and questions which will form the basis of the book discussions. Some of these themes and questions may be more relevant than others depending on the book. You might find it useful to make notes under these themes when reading the book.
Is there anything that sets the context of this book? Are there similar books published before or after this one? Is there anything significant about the timing of this book’s publication? Was this book written for a particular audience?
Where and when is this book set? Does it portray a realistic and accurate picture of the setting? What is the historical context of the book?
Characters and people
What characters or people stood out for you and why? Any thoughts on their traits, motivations, how they affect others? For non-fiction books, how did the books description of real people match what you previously knew about them?
How do the different characters/people relate to each other? Are there relations between individuals and organisations/institutions?
Themes, metaphors and symbols
What were the themes of the book? What was the author trying to say? Did you identify any intentional or unintentional metaphors? Where there any symbols within this book which represented something to you?
Writing style
What did you think of the authors writing style?
Do you have any thoughts or comments on the author? Have you read anything else by them?
Your thoughts and feelings
Did you like the book? Did it bring out any feelings or emotions? Would you recommend it?
A favorite passage
Is there a short passage that sums up the book, or part of the book, for you?
Was the book relevant to you and your life? Why?
Positives and negatives
Is there anything you found particularly good or bad about the book that has not already been covered?
Anything else?
Rating out of 10